The Future of HealthCare. (Week 13)

The Internet in a nutshell.
The Internet is essentially defined as a network of networks. Which makes it still the same now as it has been in the past, and will probably be in the future. First and foremost, it is imperative to recognize that the major advancements and changes that are observed are actually how we have utilized that phenomenal medium. In a nutshell, we have taken the concept of inter-connections, the fundamental aspect of the Internet, and expanded it to a massive, global scale. It is has been used to progressively connect various aspects of our lives in ways that some of us could not have even imagined. This phenomenon not only positively improves our lives, but also brings us closer to one another.

How has it help us before, now and will in the future.

As previously mentioned, the trend that we noticed is that the Internet basically helps us to be connected to one another by integrating various types of technology together. In turn, we have predicted that more and more aspects of our lives, such as transport, our community and business organizations, will be seamlessly integrated and made more ubiquitous. One such aspect that I would like to focus on is Healthcare.


Besides Medicine, Treatment and Surgery, a large portion of Healthcare as based on consultation. Having been a Health Science student during my years in the Polytechnic, I had access to basic ailment treatment knowledge. As I proceeded on to the enlist for National Service and even now as an Undergrad, my peers who knew about my Health Science background often asked me questions regarding simple medical advice. This is a small representation on what consultation actually is; people who know more advising other people on what to do.

The Internet at present can already help people diagnose common ailments and provide suggestions of various treatments to remedy them. However, there is an obvious limit to this. The signs and symptoms have to be easily interpreted by the average person for the ailments to be diagnosed accurately. If the ailment requires a more professional opinion or advanced equipment to diagnose then the sick person would have to spend money and time and head to the neighborhood clinic or even to a Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department if it is during an inconvenient hour.

The Future of Healthcare.

My vision for the future of healthcare is that there will be an online hub staffed by medical professionals from various fields and anyone with a connection to the Internet can have a diagnosis without even stepping out from their homes. How would this work? In the future, online communication will definitely be much more advanced. Doctors and other physicians can use high definition webcams and microphones to observe their “patients” and give instant diagnoses. Outpatients who require regular check ups can also save time by using this service.

Not everything.

However, an online medical hub is not meant to replace hospitals or clinics. There is no way a visual consultation can match up to an actual physical examination. Blood tests, hands-on clinical examinations and exclusive medical equipment can never be replicated at home. But this can prevent minor ailments that do not require immediate medical attention that often chokes up the Accident and Emergency Department in Hospitals. Additionally, it saves time, encourages people to be more active regarding their own health, and facilitates a better healthcare system.


Healthcare is one of the most important aspects of our lives and the Internet has graced it with its widespread reach and interconnectivity. The online medical hub is a perfect example of how the Internet as a vast and interconnected network can help us regarding the field of Healthcare in the future. It is also important to note that however, not all attributes of Healthcare can ever be changed by the Internet. There is nothing that can substitute a qualified person with proper equipment to diagnose and treat ailments face to face. Or can there be? We shall have to just wait and see what is in store for us in the future.

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