No cure for the Viral Video. (Week 12)

Funny and interesting things are always happening around us.
And sometimes we happen to catch them at the right time. It could be accidental like someone falling down in a funny way, or natural like an animal making a weird sound, or even purposeful like a friend who has a unique talent.
Sharing stuff

In the old days, when we see something like that and probably tell our friends and peers over coffee. Some might not believe us, but others might find it interesting as well and in turn, tell their friends and peers.

Later on, camcorders were invented and we might get lucky and catch that interesting bit on film.
Then, we can actually show these entertaining instances to our friends and family with the aid of a VCR and Television.

Going Viral

Presently, with the ubiquitous presence of hi-tech filming equipment and recording devices on smartphones paired with the vast networking capabilities of the Internet, sharing such amusing clips has never been easier. Now, it is so easy to share videos that your audience would not just be limited to your friends and family now; there is a potential audience of more than a billion users on the Internet. If your video is exceptionally intriguing or entertaining enough, it could be shared and viewed all over the world garnering millions of views. We call this going viral.

Therefore, a Viral Video is essentially just a regular video that has achieved immense popularity in a relatively short amount of time by the process of Internet sharing. These videos are a modern revolution, only made possible by the recent prevalence of high-speed wireless Internet, social networking and media and a desensitized generation. Video sharing sites like YouTube, Veoh and DailyMotion have been created to further fuel the phenomenon of the Viral Video. Additionally, social networking sites and smartphones will bring about a buzz that even the best marketing teams in the world cannot create.

However, besides all the modern breakthroughs that enabled such videos to be seen all over the world, the videos themselves have to be interesting and captivating enough for people to want to spread and share them around. More often than not, these videos are short and have a comical aspect to them while others have other characteristics like a novel theme or sensational amateur work.

Here are some examples of Viral Videos. These videos have millions of views each. I have chosen these few as they were from normal everyday people who became overnight celebrities solely because of their videos.



The Internet has changed the way we view videos like many other aspects of our lives. The viral video is just one of the many phenomenal creations brought about by the Internet revolution. It also symbolizes how the Internet makes things more convenient and faster to do as well as how much more of a Global Village the world has become. Viral videos have infected the world with laughter, amazement and entertainment, and it seems very likely to be a chronic phenomenon that’s here to stay.

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