The Internet: Paving the way for Politics (Week 10)

Simple looking image isn’t it?
But as far as images go, this one in particular has a far deeper message than what can be deduced from surface value.
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well then, let us break down this picture above, starting by talking about some fundamental aspects on the details that this image contains.


It is instantly recognizable that this image has been cropped from the famous social networking site Twitter. With an emphasis on micro-blogging, Twitter has taken the world by storm with it’s unique and simple way to share bits and pieces of one’s life with anyone who wants to know and vice versa. And like many of the big players in the social networking game, Twitter, has been making it’s way into many of our daily routine. A vital point to note that adds to the Twitter’s immense popularity, is that it’s users are not limited to average netizens. Twitter’s registered users database boast a number of internationally renowned personalities from a myriad of different fields that include the arts, sports and politics. On top of that, major organizations also utilize Twitter’s broad reach to advertise on new products or services.

The Obama Edge

As you can see from the image, the person who posted the particular tweet is the current President of the United States, President Barack Obama. This raises the question,“ Why is the most powerful man in the World using a social networking site that even commoners can use?” The answer is simple. It is because social networking has made the Internet the most powerful broadcasting medium in the World. Never has there been a medium where you can receive messages or updates with such convenience and promptness. Additionally, the Internet can be used to share information such as tweets like the one above, with great ease. People can quote tweets like this and share them with their friends and family. They can even add opinions or comments that they might have regarding it.

This is History

The final, but most significant, detail of the image is the “Tweet” itself.
“This is History.”
It is due to the nature of the tweet that inspired me to select it to write about. “History” is a word that resounds in so many aspects of the “Tweet”.
The writer of the tweet, President Barack Obama, is a prime example of that. He has made history by being the First President of the United States of America to be of African-American heritage. As a Hawaiian, he was also the first to be born outside the continental United States.
However, the historical landmark, that is the focus of the entry, is of a different “First”.
President Obama is the first president to have actively integrated social networking sites, such as Twitter, into his Presidential Campaign. This bold move struck a chord with the youth and many other IT savvy groups, and reaching further out to the world than any president has at the same time. By using the Internet and Social Networking, he has emulated his predecessors by using a new medium to garner popularity.
From the first time when Presidential Election results were broadcasted on radio in 1924 that President Calvin Coolidge had won to the first televised Presidential Debate between JFK and Nixon in 1960.
Presidents have used what were “new media” in their times to keep up and connect with their people.
President Obama is doing that now, with the Internet. But which good politician wouldn’t do that anyway?


The Internet is definitely a broadcasting medium that is here to stay. And Politics, like almost everything else, will be forever changed by it. President Obama has set a fine example of how to use this powerful medium to his advantage, by being the first president to use the Internet to stay current with changing times and connect with his people at the same time.
This is History.

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